5% Premium Beer

Bavaria 5% is a refreshing, crisp tasting Premium Dutch export lager made with high quality ingredients and mineral water sourced from deep below the village of Lieshout.

Every single bottle of Bavaria exported to the UK is brewed and bottled at the original Lieshout brewery to preserve the unique, authentic taste that is popular around the world. It is one of the last of the truly global, independent, family owned premium lagers left in the world.


Bavaria 0.0% was the first zero alcohol beer in the world. And because of the unique way it is brewed, unlike other non-alcohol beers, no alcohol is ever removed. Why? Because there is 0.0% alcohol created in the brewing process, and 0.0% alcohol in the bottle.

And that means that you still get the great taste of an independent, family brewed beer, but without the alcohol.

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